Friday, March 23, 2012

Fortuitious Friday: The Meaning of Life

No, I don't actually know the meaning of life, and even if I did I wouldn't likely share it with you anyway. Whatever meaning we attribute to our time on this planet is our own and it varies from person to person. Where you are in your understanding of this 'meaning' can change with time...and age. The search for 'meaning' may, in the end, be a pointless endeavour anyway and one that wastes time that could be better spent simply living it (or playing games). Who wants to hear someone elses take on what that meaning is, or worse yet, how we should be spending our precious time?

I recently passed on my blog-link to a friend and though, knowing him as  I do, there is a 99.99% chance he won't bother to read it (lazy fecker) it's a little weird for me. I haven't seen him since I left Ireland. Friendships are formed at specific times in our lives and when you are apart from said friends the memories of them are frozen in time. And vice-versa of course. Am I the same person I was 4-years ago? Of course I'm not, and neither is he. Who we are at our core is unchanged, however, and that's what long-lasting friendships are based on. If I had a dollar for every person I've met and spent time with over the years I'd have a nice pile of cash. If I was given a dollar for every person from that pile I wanted to keep in touch with that pile would shrink to barely enough to buy me a pint (they cost around $7 here btw).

Friendships and change are fresh on my mind then, as I've also recently re-kindled and old friendship from (what seems like) a lifetime ago. It's a strange phenomena as it's forced me to look at who I was, who I am, and how I've changed since then. With my impending birthday, and the 7-week countdown to the birth of New Mouth To Feed I may be waxing overly philosophical lately. Somewhere along the way I've come to believe that everythingg happens for a reason, but can't get rid of that little niggle in the back of my mind that reasons that particular belief (which is just short of being 'religious' in my opinion) is simply a way of making sense of the past. It may not have any actual reality outside my own mind.

In any case it is Friday and today, mostly, my mind wanders to pints and games: both of which are only a few hours away! Global warming continues to be my new friend as all the snow (and flooding) is gone and we can once again venture outside without fear of freezing to death. It's been a slack-assed winter, tbh, and I have no valid complaints to make about the weather. I remember much colder March's for sure, and the fact that I can bar-b-que and drink beer while rolling around my lawn with the dogs is absolutely fantastic.

Enjoy your weekend everyone and Happy Friday!

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