Wednesday, February 8, 2012

When Idiots Attack

Just because I can, really, I decided to post this little gem of a conversation I had with a random Jackass on World of Tanks. Thats the thing about a blog, you're allowed to post all sorts of stuff. This player has really good stats, but a really shitty attitude. I've seen his clan (FORGE) in many battles and thought, up till now, they had a good reputation. They might still, for all I know, but this is one jerk they should cut from their roster.

Calling his team 'fuckmuppets' and yelling abuse because we lost is one thing, but suggesting you have the ability to interfere with a players account and/or private messages with is dumb. I know he's just a loudmouth idiot- likely a child (mentally at least) but as I've said on previous occasions.... I'm trolled easily.

Looking back I should have drawn this out and made sure it was funnier, but it was at the end of a session and I was tired.

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