Monday, February 6, 2012

What The Dog Ate.. .Part II

I'm feeling less-than-motivated to post about games, so I am just going to update the 'Master List' of things my dog has eaten with two recent additions (while I eat my non-cooled lunch and contemplate putting the warm milk- that may have gone off- in my tea....see #25).

In the future I may be able to save time by converting the list to 'what the dog hasn't eaten', or 'what the dog won't eat'. So far it would contain: grapes. He won't eat grapes. Everything else seems to taste just fine.

1. A plastic bag.
2. A dead pigeon (swallowed whole, with feathers) off the road.
3. The same dead pigeon, off the same road, seconds after he regurgitated it.
4. An entire raw pheasant meant for Christmas dinner.
5. One pound of butter, foil included.
6. Ibid, separate occasion.
7. Own faeces following consumption of butter, above.
8. Butter and most of a plastic container, separate occasion.
9. Human faeces encountered in woods on walk (thank you Travellers).
10. Ibid, different woods.
11. 7kg bag dog food (partial).
12. Mouldy loaves of bread thrown on beach for gulls.
13. Perfectly good loaves of bread taken from counter.
14. Human vomit, sidewalk outside pub.
15. Bird food, fallen from feeder in yard.
16. Cat food, unguarded, while visiting family.
17. Mouldy bones in yard buried by previous dog the summer before.
18. 15kg bag, dog food (partial).
19. Plastic lid (partial) off garbage can.
20. Chicken carcass (entire) from garbage can, above.
21. Christmas Cake (documented here).
22. 48 Jaffa Cakes.
23. Half Bar, JD Grossman 46% Chocolate.
24. Plastic Tub of Tropical Fish Food.
25. Lunch Bag/Cooler (Straps and Zipper).

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