Monday, February 27, 2012

Quoting You!

Again with the 'great minds think alike' theme, this is something that I've been considering for a while, but was beaten to the punch by one of my regular reads, The 32nd Law.

"I also sort of wonder if the MMO genre is just something I’ve gotten over. The idea of having a persistent character in a virtual world was really cool to me, but as I go through them I realize how mundane these virtual worlds are and frankly find most of them less interesting than what I can get by walking out of my front door. And I don’t live somewhere all that interesting."
As my 'MMO' time is now regulated to World of Tanks which isn't, really, an MMO in the traditional sense I can really relate to this, and like 32nd Law, it's something I want to post on later......this time I hope to beat him to the punch!


  1. You almost certainly will. I'm so behind in posts I want to write it's not even funny. :(

  2. Posts are slipping through my fingers left and right. I feel your pain.