Thursday, February 2, 2012

Quoting You! Great Minds....

I was thinking on the way into the Chocolate Factory this morning about an argument I had with a dumbass in World of Tanks last night. Not really an argument per se, but a.... well, a thing. He started insulting everyone (because we're all 'fuckmuppets' apparently) and I took objection. He went a step further and opened a private chat with me and continued- even though I told him I was screen shotting it- to mouth off and offer up various threats to hack my account, etc.

I was pondering, then, when I'd have the time to send it on to customer support, post on his Clan's web-site, and how I could best use it, here on my blog (for general amusement, of course), when I read this from Adam at the Noisy Rogue:

I have recently become bored with arguing with people on the internet; it’s akin to masturbating with a cheese grater – slightly interesting, but mostly painful.
Indeed, I couldn't agree more, and then, as if that isn't funny enough, he comes up with this, about a new game he (and through excited infection now me) is very excited about:

However, today Goblinworks have their new blog post up and is very interesting indeed. How interesting? Well, let’s just say that if this game doesn’t get made I’ll probably do nasty things to small furry animals.

Eve with swords, huh? Sign me up!

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