Friday, February 24, 2012

Fortuitous Friday: If I Had A Hundred Dollars

My apologies, first of all, for what was (probably) an excruciating week for you, with no posts from me, to read. I'm not sure how you muddled through, but I'm glad you did. I was struck down with The Dreaded Lurgy, which is to say I had a vicious head/sinus cold and wasn't in the mood for posting. So, on to the post!

While not the usual 'What would you do with a million dollars' question that people often banter around with sometimes shocking answers from people you thought you knew (usually 'oral' favors from long-term, same-sex friends being agreed to for such a sum) today's question is a bit more realistic:

What would you do with a hundred dollars?

Note I said, with, not for. I don't want to be shocked (and potentially appalled) by what you'd do for a hundred dollars. The thing is, you see, I found a hundred dollars hiding in one of my Secret International Accounts and have secreted it away to a long-dormant pay-pal account right under the nose of She Who Will Be Named Later. Mwuahahahahahaha!

This is free money, as far as I'm concerned- ignoring the fact that today is our Wedding Anniversary and I should likely be using it to buy her a frilly frock or a box of candy or some such- I am in quandary of what to do with it. Given the impending doom arrival of New Mouth To Feed this might actually be the last time I get to selfishly spend such a sum (barring the fact that I am too selfish to actually stop spending money selfishly and I have a few more quid secreted away in that same account that I can potentially access.......but I digress.....).

My first two thoughts, of course, were games and/or booze. It would be quite easy to spend that money on, say, World Of Tanks, in the form of a $100 gold package purchase but do I really want to spend more money on this game? It is the only MMO I can seem to maintain an interest in so I don't necessarily mind spending the money, but yet it is, essentially, a free game (that I've already spent over $350.00 on). In terms of non MMO-games, well, there are a few small indie games I'd like to support-like the recently released Dear Esther- but that only amounts to $10.00 (a ridiculously good deal).

As for the larger, AAA titles, I have 'heard' that it is 'possible' to 'try' these games for free via Iso-cough-hunt so I have a problem shelling out over 50 bucks for these games as none of them seem to keep my attention for very long. I recently downloaded the demo (yes, the real demo from the actual web site) of the new Jagged Alliance offering and played for around 20 seconds. It was just long enough to find out they fucked up the whole thing by removing the turn-based system that made it great. Had I pre-purchased this pile of crap I'd have been one disappointed customer.

As far as booze goes I have had my eye on a replacement bottle of Midleton Rare Irish Whisky which comes in slightly over the $100 mark ($175 locally). I say 'replacement' because I bought one when I left Ireland and have managed, somehow, to make it last all this time (shocking to all who know me). Problems getting the money from my Pay Pal account, and the fact I have secretly planned on buying one anyway to celebrate the birth of New Mouth To Feed makes this a bit pointless really (so much for the end of selfishness I guess).

So, back to the point. To keep this games focused, then, how would you spend One Hundred Gaming Dollars? What games would you subscribe to/purchase if you had a $100 burning a hole in your paypal pocket?

And Happy Friday Everyone!


  1. I found a hundred dollar bill. Went to the bank. Got less than 100 Euros in return. Will buy cigarettes. Or maybe save up for a plane ticket out of here...

    If it was gaming money... I'd probably wait for sunnier days.

  2. I would pre-purchase GW2 for starters, what I consider a need (like your irish whiskey) vs a luxury (gold WoT acct). The rest would go to Saints Row 3 which I am totally curious about but don't want to spend 'real' money on.

  3. Ahhh, yes, GW2. I'm still trying to get excited about this one and considering Guild Wars was my first MMO ever I'll be watching this one closely.