Friday, February 17, 2012

Fortuitous Friday: Hysterical Retractions

Well this week sees me penning a retraction to last weeks post. Not exactly a retraction, but a clarification, really. I was informed by She Who Will Be Named Later that my post, in which I say I'm being told not to swear because New Mouth To Feed can now hear, makes her sound 'hysterical'. Barring the fact that asking your significant other's virtual personality to retract something you say makes you look hysterical, actually makes you look hysterical, I shall do as I am asked.

To clarify, then, it's not so much the fact that I am using the occasional swear word that she objects to (which would, in fact, make her seem a bit hysterical) it is when I put my mouth to her burgeoning belly and yell at the baby that she is finding unwelcome and somewhat intrusive. Fair enough, I guess, but my counter-argument is that the world is a scary, busy place and the sooner she gets used to the idea that some people are just jerks- the better.

Speaking of jerks, I had a few more run-ins over the week with online asshats and it really brings home the fact that I hate people. Really. Hate them. It's a sad commentary when I could easily make a weekly post on some uncomfortable encounter with an online jerk but would struggle to do a monthly one on a postive one. Hmmmmm...maybe that's what I should do- if I ever again have a positive encounter with a random online stranger.... and not one on those encounters in a flashy pop-up with a half-naked woman asking me if I want to talk....oh, no, I'm not falling for that again. She didn't just want to talk, let me tell you. Now where was I? Oh yes, merging my apology to my wife and unborn child with online porn...hmmm...I may need some professional help.

The point is, I don't really have a point. It's been a bit of a tough week at the old Flour Mill and I've found myself acting like a bit of a zombie shuffling to and fro with some mindless gaming in-between. I've so far managed to avoid eating any brains, but that may change depending on how today goes. In any case the weekend is upon us, and merely saying that makes me smile because it always reminds me of that iconic scene in Human Traffic.

Happy Friday Everyone!

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