Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Because I Never Tire of Being Right

I got a nice email from the folks responsible for Rome Rising: Gods and Heroes telling me they were going Free to Play, and that they were looking forward to making this a great game that people wanted to play. If you ask me thats what they should've done in the first place.....

In any case, I did say that trying to charge for the game in todays market (never mind the fact the game wasn't very good when I tried it) was a mistake. My exact words, to save you the time of reading the old post were:

I also note they are going for pay-to-play in a very saturated market- another brave move.
Huzzah! I do so like being right. Oh, the game is free to play, as long as you pay $10 for the game. Then its free to play ;)

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