Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Star Wars: Gank Finally Speaks Out

Ever see something and think to yourself...hey, I thought of that! It's tough when someone beats you to a good idea. I saw this today on Tobold's blog and thought, hey, I published that one first... only to realize it was sitting in my draft folder :(

None-the-less, I'm publishing anyway. Great minds think alike, and besides, I'm desperate for a post as I'm pressed for time! Without further adieu, here is my tiny (late) post which is more of a lazy Quoting You really- but without the quote, which you have to look up yourself as I'm very lazy :)

As I am not playing it, nor will I ever, I actually have nothing to say- but wait- I found someone who does! This, by Richard Bartel, is the most interesting, objective thing I've seen yet about the game. There is also a good bit about MMO's (as there often is in his blog) which I like.

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