Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday's Tune: Evil Nine Essential Mix 2005

I always feel hesitant when posting a portion of a set. Evil Nine's 2005 essential mix was an absolute masterpiece and if you're lucky enough to have a copy you know what I mean. If you're into 'electronic music' you'll understand that a set, especially a 2-hour set like the essential mix, is a journey. It has a beginning, an middle and an end. Along the way you can lose yourself in specific parts that are, at the time, meaningful to you in some way. These parts will stick with you for a very, very long time, and that can make sharing bits and pieces of it problematic in that others just may not 'get it'.

Jumping into the middle of a set can be a disservice to what the artist has put together but it isn't always necessary to be there from the beginning. The portion I am posting today is very near the end, which is to say, the climax of the set. It's a bit choppy at the start (as I've hacked it out of the whole set) but is a combination of these tracks:

  1. Smashing Pumpkins - '1969' [False Profit Mix] (White)
  2. Alex Dolby - 'Hazy Way' [Evil Nine Remix] (Mantra)

I can't even tell you how many times I've listened to this set or portions thereof. I've chopped it up, spun it 'round, and mashed it for my own use, and the portion I have here today is one of my main running tracks at the gym. I listen to this at least three times per week and I'm still not sick of it after three years (I discovered it late). If it was for sale I'd tell you to buy it, immediately, but it isn't and I have no idea where you can get it.


Evil Nine 2005 Essential (Portion of) by Gankalicious


  1. What can I say? Don't shoot the messenger! 5th from the bottom:

    Micronauts - 'Unknown' (Int Deejay Gigolos)
    Evil Nine - 'Devil Stuff' (Marine Parade)
    Trevor Loveys - 'Back To Front' (Front Room Records)
    Freestyleman vs. DJ T - 'Acid Bath' (Mood Music)
    Freeform Five - 'Electromagnetic' [Evil Nine's Broadway Mix] (Ultimate Dilemma)
    Campag Velocet - 'We Are The Trumping Men' [Riton Remix] (Pointy Records)
    Freeland - 'Heel And Toe' [Evil Nine Remix] (Marine Parade)
    Phonique - 'Lady In A Red Dress' [Tiefschwarz Mix] (Dessous)
    Blim - 'Sound In My Head' (Track)
    Evil Nine - 'Burn It To The Ground' (Marine Parade)
    Mellow - 'Drifting Out Of Sight' [FC Kahuna Remix] (Atmospheriques)
    Blur - 'Song 2' [Tom Middelton Edit] (White)
    Dylan Rhymes - 'The Way' [Evil Nine Remix] (Lot49)
    Evil Nine - 'Pearlshot' [Accapella] (Marine Parade)
    Bassbin Twins - '808080' (White)
    Santos - 'Sabot' [Evil Nine Remix] (Mob Records)
    Pixeltan - 'Say What/Get On Up' [DFA Remix] (DFA)
    Roman Flugel - 'Gehst Nocht' [Dominic Eulberg Remix] (Cocoon)
    Future Funk Squad - 'Towards The Sun' [Evil Nine Remix] (Default)
    Smashing Pumpkins - '1969' [False Profit Mix] (White)
    Alex Dolby - 'Hazy Way' [Evil Nine Remix] (Mantra)
    Evil Nine Feat. Aesop Rock - 'Crooked' (Marine Parade)
    The Beatles - 'Tommorow Never Knows' (White)
    Aphex Twin - 'Stepping Filter 101' (Rephlex)