Friday, January 20, 2012

Quoting You

Yes, well as my initial rage at the world wears off and Friday settles in I start turning my thoughts toward home...and gaming....and my dogs....and my wine....oh, and She Who Will Be Named Later, of course. But mostly gaming.

Killing time means forum hopping, and since I can't access the World of Tanks NA forum at the moment I'm spending a good deal of time on the EU World of Tanks forums where I came across this for a Friday Chuckle. It will likely only be funny if you actually play WoT, but it's a nice way to end the week. I didn't want my lingering Friday post to be so..... real.

 This is from 2ndaryBattleTank's reply in this thread:
"I would love to see a 'News of the World of Tanks' tabloid. It could feature gripping headlines such as:

Tiger excellent scout!
KV gets raider medal!
M3 Lee kills enemy tank!
Ghost shells, are they real?
Cammo values remain hidden
Overlord speaks: 'Soon'
Travel: The 10 greatest camping sites in Malinovka
Scientists confirm: 'Mauses are scared of Loltractors'
Opinion: My tank is worse than your tank (that I have never driven)!

And obviously, between pages 2 and 4 there would be a scantly clad D2, prominently featuring her guns."

Happy Friday Everyone!

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