Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Gaming Highlights of 2011: #4 Quitting WAR

As a filler until I have something more interesting to say (new stuff coming, I promise!) I thought I'd review my gaming highlights of 2011. I started counting and could only come up with four. That's either pretty sad, or a testament to the good gaming experiences I did find. In any case, it works for all the television programs around this time of year so I thought I could likely fob it off on you, my dear readers :)

Number 4: Quitting Warhammer Online

A bit of an anti-highlight, one would think, but I have to say I'm so glad I stopped playing this game when I did in early 2011. My last few weeks of play were frustrating and simply an exercise in habit. I was logging in looking for fun which is ridiculous. You should be logging in and having fun, not desperately hoping something will be going on which will entertain you.

I'm also a big believer in customer service and Warhammer Online staff could give a seminar in 'How Not To Treat Customers'. Appalling communication coupled with ridiculous hype (we have a secret and we're not going to tell you yet, etc) was not only condescending to the player base, but just plain childish. I was frustrated both in-game, and out of it by reading developer posts (or lack thereof), and forums.

The fact that this game is still going is a testament to the idea of Warhammer, and the demand for large-scale, fantasy based PVP. I will do a short happy-dance when this one is put to rest permanently and I re-affirm my commitment to never, ever, ever, play anything my Mythic again.

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