Friday, January 27, 2012

Fortuitous Friday: No Soup For You!

I wanted to do a video of me sitting at my monitor screaming: No Post For You! ala Jerry Seinfeld's famous 'Soup Nazi' episode but I'm not that ambitious. I wouldn't post my actual face on the internet either as then all those hard-working folks at the witness relocation program have to do it all over again.... oh, wait, I'm supposed to not reveal that. Oh well, if you believe that and/or you're a high profile gangster (or gankster) that I've put away with testimony at a trial, then too bad for you.

So here it is, a very long-winded post in which I tell you I have no post for you today. A philisophical head-wrecker that only Plato himself could solve along with the classic: If a blogger posts in the forest, but there's no one around to read it, has he really posted? Or, if you take a bloggers brain and put it in a vat.....

I perused the news this morning and couldn't find anything worth making fun of, or raging about. Ok, well, there was lots to rage about- the news has that affect on me- but that's not really exciting to read is it? This guy murdered that guy, this country invaded that country, blah, blah, blah. It's all a bit samey, really, kind of like the game mechanics in SWTOR, or so I've heard. Cue audience ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh. Don't mind me, I'm just running my mouth. I actually had to do a google search for 'New Star Wars MMO' to find out if it was SWOTR (my first choice) or SWTOR so what the hell do I know.

I'm leaving this weekend for a bit of a 'city break' though given that I live in a boring, flat city in the plains, and I'm driving three hours to another slightly-less boring, flat, city in the plains, it's not that big of a deal. 50% of the friends I usually visit (1) on these trips is away working the only day I'm there. How very dare he! Work, indeed. It's not even real work- he's just prancing around on some stage doing his 'act'. He is a comedian by trade so he goes where and when the 'work' beckons. I can't begrudge him that, I suppose.

Since She Who Will Be Named Later will be doing her 'girly thing' with her friends (which isn't the girly thing I always hope it will be) that leaves me with the solace of the pub..... ahh good pub, we meet again. It's amazing how simply saying "Oh my god, look how fat you've gotten" to a bunch of pregnant women can get you de-invited to their get-togethers. So touchy. If they think that's bad how are they going to react when I start racing the babies in public for beer money? God forbid one of them falls lame during the race. It could get ugly.

Happy Friday Everyone!

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