Friday, January 20, 2012

Cowards Come in All Colors

This is not a gaming-related post.

I always used to think of terrorists as an 'other'- something different from me both inside and out. We have had few problems in Canada with terrorism. South of the border there have been 'home grown' attrocities, of course, but whenever I think of a terrorist attack I always, automatically assume it is by an 'other'. Someone very different from me in terms of color, cutlure, or religion. It is likely a combination of North American media being really good at focusing on the 'other' as an enemy (and sometimes they are) and something within me wanting to believe that those responsible for such cowardly, atrocious acts, are very unlike me in every way.

Well, I've grown up a little since those days, and after travelling and living abroad I realize that terrorists, and cowards, come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and are often not so very different at all. I want to be clear that terrorists are cowards. They will hide behind religion, or other slogans, but in the end they are cowards. The most recent, tragic atrocity here in North America was, to say the least, devastating and world-changing. It was a cowardly act, indeed, but in the end at least- at the very least- those responsible paid for their actions. Too little, too late, yes, but they did pay. The organization responsible stood up and said to the world: We did this because we hate you. We are not sorry.

Don't get me wrong: I do not respect them for their views, nor does standing by their actions make them less cowardly. I will say, however, it makes them slightly less cowardly than this lot who hide behind 'not guilty' pleas while they kill their own countrymen. If your cause is so worthwhile, and you are so brave in taking on this task then why not stand up, like those other famous terrorists, and say so? Surely a cause so worthy as to commit muder for is also worthy of laying claim to, no? If not, then you're just killing in cold blood and then trying to get away with it which simply makes you a murderer.

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