Wednesday, January 11, 2012

And the Forum's Explode

In case you're not a forum junkie like me I thought I'd point out the World of Tanks forums are going mental- on both sides of the pond- due to the so-called weekend special to commemorate the battle of Monte Cassino.

World of Tanks Forum(s) today.

To say the special isn't very good would be like saying a nail hammered into my eye would be somewhat inconvenient. It sucks, quite frankly and the (very) transparent intention is to get us to spend more gold. These weekend specials almost always include discounted tanks, increased credit earnings, and other goodies but not so in this case. Most of the forum commenters agree (and I am among them)- the credit squeeze is killing the fun of the game. If I wanted to grind fucking credits I'd get a job...oh wait... I have one, so when I come home I'd like to relax and play the tank I want to play.

Tomorrow I'll be posting on how I've set myself up for the next few months of non-premium activity. will not be getting any more cash out of me for a while as I go into Free To Play Mode.

Read for yourselves...if you dare ;)

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