Thursday, January 19, 2012

5,000 World of Tanks Battles

Posts are a bit sparse this week but I figure you likely need a break from my genius anyway, or perhaps some time to digest all the weighty subjects I frequently tackle here....not buying it? Okay, what can I say? Busy week combined with -40 C temps (yes, finally they are here, but only for a week) means I'm not in the mood.

I am still playing- rest assured. My latest milestone? I just passed 5,000 battles in World of Tanks. Huzzah! I was feeling pretty smug, to be sure, until I got a PM on the forums and checked the stats on the sender. Games played? 12,500. Global ranking? 80th. Sheesh. I thought my average of 10 games a day was a lot, but it turns out I'm still a noob, ranked only 15,600th on the server. Ahh well, it's not bad when you consider the latest stats indicate there are 1.3 million registered users in North America.

I will return next week with some proper post, including an update on a game I've been plugging away at since I bought it over the Christmas Holidays (LA Noire) and how my new, premium-free, grind-free WoT sessions are going!

I bet you're so excited you've just wet yourself. Till then.


  1. Good lord! 5,000 battles? I thought I was accomplished when I completed 500 1v1s in Starcraft II. And that was playing over the course of 18 months!

  2. Well, it has been my main game for almost a year now.... I feel like I'm just now hitting the 'level cap' and enjoying some 'end game' :)