Monday, January 9, 2012

2011 Gaming Highlights #3: Wurm Online

Finding Wurm Online was both a blessing and a curse. As it is a great little indie game, it was a blessing. As a time-sucking, engrossing addiction, it was a bit of a curse. I was only a few games into my Sandbox Challenge when I started Wurm. I was meant to play it for 20-40 hours and, in the end, logged around 400.

I haven't been involved in this one for quite some time. Once I finally made it through the crisis period, and knew I wasn't going to starve, (and had a patch of land all to my own which I completely modified), I began to lose interest. I had livestock, a big sailing ship, crops, a house, and some nice neighbors. It's a shame, really, because it is a gem of a game. I still log in now and again to look at the 'ole homestead, but it's not the same. My precious horse is still alive, but once she's gone I'll give it up for good.

The main problem with Wurm, in the end, is the skill grind. I love the sandbox- you can do anything! Wurm offers a great deal of freedom and player innovation is a driving force. The price you pay for wanting to get beyond surviving is skill grinding. Plain old, boring, stand there and press M for mine, grinding. It's just not for me- but hey, 400 hours is a lot of time and I hardly spent a dime on it (maybe $50 in total). That's some serious value for money and I don't regret a single minute (or dime) of it.

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