Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2011 Gaming Highlights #2: World Of Tanks

Do I actually have to write anything more? If you've been reading this blog (and you have been, by definition, since you're reading this now) you will know I am somewhat involved in a little game called World of Tanks. Ad naseum sometimes, it seems. I started playing World of Tanks almost one year ago (January 29th, 2011 to be exact). When I look back at that first post and see how excited I was I can't help but smile.....and admit that- despite my sometimes critical posts- I am still enjoying this one. WoT has definitely been my #1 gaming highlight of 2011.

Wait a minute......you said it was #2 in the title. Yes, you are right. WoT was my #1 game in 2011, but my #2 highlight. Number one?

2011 Gaming Highlights #1: Blogging.

While blogging isn't a game (or maybe it is with the total pageviews representing your 'high score') it certainly features highly in my daily game-related routine. While technically I started blogging in 2010 (December) the bulk of my blogging activity has been in 2011.

I find that blogging about games, and reading the blogs of others, enhances my gaming experiences. It is fun to read what others are doing, what they think of games you are playing, and to engage in discussions (both in my head and with others) via my own blogging. It's kind of like forum-surfing except across many different games and there's less trolls, or at least I get to be the primary troll, which is always fun!

Right so. That ends 2011 and my brief (lazy) retrospective. Unlike some ambitious buggers with enough material to do a podcast on their 2011 exploits there wasn't a lot I could say. Played tanks: shot stuff. Played Wurm: built stuff. And that's about all! I will return to my regularly scheduled program Thursday when I will be (once again) returning to the topic of fun, and more specifically, World Of Tanks- oh boy, big surprise, huh?.

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