Thursday, December 22, 2011

@ Stormtrail

Hello Stormtrail!

Thanks for passing on that WoT promo code. I did give it a go, but unfortunately it didn't work. I appreciate the try though!

...And does anyone know if the code I posted last week has been taken? I note a lot of hits on my blog off of "World of Tanks Promo Code" but no one has said if they've taken it. If you've tried it, and it's gone, do let me know. I have another one I could post, but not until I know that ones gone....or I could start a European account and play with my distant relatives from 'across the pond'....and by that I mean Europe, not Africa, where I realize we all have distant relatives... yes, members of the BNP and/or White Supremisist groups (same thing, no?), it is true. Deal with it.


  1. Hey man, sorry about the code not working. Apparently, so many people abused the 10 per code "bug" on the T127 giveaway by using the code, selling the tank, and then re-applying the code that they made every code a single use. I'll keep you in mind if I see more giveaways.