Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I Never Much Liked Star Wars And I Agree.... It Should Die

I was thinking about this the other day, and Sara's post prodded me along to get it done. I've been silent on the new Star Wars MMO and the primary reason for this is that I just don't care. Star Wars bores the shit out of me to be honest, and after my Rift fiasco I'm not really up to another MMO based on the same formula of quest this, raid that.

Let's get something straight. I liked Star Wars..... when I was seven. For all you 'young uns' out there I want to emphasize that this was in 1977 when it was released. Yes, I am that old, and yes I saw it first so I have every right to talk shit about it. I didn't line up for days (I was too young) and I didn't go to the theater 110 times. Over the years I have seen it multiple times on various movie channels, and while at mates places while hanging out. I watched all the sequels (the original of course, upon release) and half of the epic fail that was The Phantom Menace before I walked out of the theater in disgust never to set eyes on a Star Wars film again.

I'm going to say something that you may not want to hear....... it's not that good. Really. It's not. It was innovative and wonderful at the time, but that's it. How it has managed to maintain its cult status is beyond me. I suppose the new films appeal to a new generation. I know many original Star Wars fans liked the new stuff, but in fairness it was utter crap, and they're all wrong. Like the first series the acting sucked, the story was weak, and the effects carried it through. The cult of 'Star Wars' made it something it was not: successful.

After that, then, you can well imagine I could care less about the new Star Wars MMO. The voice acting, the plot, the character classes..... don't care. I agree with Sara: Star Wars kills ingenuity and Lucas is a horrible, horrible force for evil in the world. His vision is dated, and boring. It's time for something new. 


  1. Ganky you so fine, you so fine you blow my mind!

    Go Ganky!

    Now we're even. :)

  2. I agree that Lucas is horrible; there's really no disputing it. I wish the keys to his movies had been taken away from him before the whole "Han Shot First"-thing ever came to be...now it's a damned wikipedia page all its own.

    When you take into account the ludicrous volume of "Podracer"-like games and books that unabashedly abuse what was once a respected IP, it's very hard to see anything good in it. The prequels, the glut of toys, that disappointing MMO "Star Wars Economies"...the only good to come out of all of it was Red Letter Media's reviews of the prequels, where he dresses down Lucas and shows just how stupid the man really is.

    Actually, there is one other good thing. Knights of the Old Republic was this weird diamond in the rough; a stellar example of what the IP could be used to achieve. It was creative and fun; it breathed story-telling back into Star Wars.

    Bioware has since then brought us Dragon Age and Mass Effect...some of the best RPGs that have ever seen a screen. Members of the creative teams for both of those titles are involved in the writing for TOR. TOR as an MMO is, honestly, a complete sideline to the fact that it explores the universe that KOTOR revealed to us. I'm excited to see just where they went with it, and Lucas gets zero credit in my mind. He can take his 35% and pump it into more horrible Podracer sequels or whatever else makes him happy. I'm long since over resentment for his abuses to the IP.

    Not to knock your hate; you're certainly allowed. But maybe Bioware can actually save it. I'm going to give them the chance.

  3. I heard KOTOR was pretty good. Never got the chance to play though. I'll sit back and read all about the new game, and I hope it's good for the legions of fans throughout the world. I certainly don't begrudge them their fun.... it's just not gonna be something I get worked up about.