Thursday, December 15, 2011

I Like Free

I stumbled upon a World Of Tanks promotional offer which gives you a Premium T-127 Russian Tier III light tank, and 24 hours of premium time. Being a greedy bugger with an eye to a shameless giveaway to promote my blog (and reward any of my long-suffering readers) I of course grabbed an extra one and am giving it away.

My own worked fine, but as the site was in German I'm not sure if there is a time limitation on them. You go to your accounts page and there is a spot for 'enter promotion code' there.

If you take it (and it works), please post in the comment section so others will know. Thanks!



  1. Sweet! Thanks chap, T-127 in the garage, time for 24 hours of mad credit earning...

  2. Nice one!

    The tank itself is good fun as well. Enjoy the 24 hours of credit earning :)