Friday, December 16, 2011

Fortuitous Friday: They Say It's Your Birthday!

Ever missed someone's birthday? It's perfectly reasonable in my opinion. How about your own though? Doh!

It seems my 1-year blog-aversary has come and gone and I didn't even notice. I'm going to give myself dirty looks all day until I make it up to myself by sending me a lovely bouquet of flowers. And chocolate, because I know how much I love chocolate. And scotch, for later, to soothe my jangled nerves.

So here I am, one-year old. I started out as a Warhammer Online blogger and quickly moved to gaming in general (though lately you wouldn't be wrong in thinking this was a World Of Tanks only blog). I added Fortuitous Friday as a weekly non-gaming feature where I've continued to subject you to various thoughts, and stories from aspects of my non-gaming life. I look forward to my Friday posts and I'm glad you've decided to stop by. I've seen my daily page-views go from an average of 8 to around 30, with a spike in the last few weeks of 50-80. I've noticed a lot of that is spam-url's hitting me up (and the reason for moderated commenting which I've only just added) but I figure there are around 30 or so people who check in on me daily. And that's kind of nice. Why I've even had some 'Heavy Weight' bloggers like Tobold pop by, and made Syp's /AFK once.

If you remember my original post (and of course, you must) I mentioned that I don't have a lot of real-life friends who are into gaming so this is still a great place for me to come and flex my gaming muscles. I appreciate everyone who pops by, and enjoy the many blog's I've discovered in my travels.

Some stats (because you care):

I've made 233 posts, and had 327 comments- mostly my own as love to see my own words in print :)

I've had 13261 page views, again mosly my own checking if anyone has commented or viewed my blog!

Groupies (er, I mean the top referring URL's): (Go on lads, give us another Podcast!) (I should have taken you up on the opportunity of a blog war to increase my traffic damnit... rookie mistake) (Are you ever coming back?) (I like Manatees too, but not basketball, sadly). (Glad you came back after a short break)

Searches that have brought the unbelievers:

Gankalicious (yes, it is a cool name).

Lookout Mountain (no idea..reference to a WoW thing I think).

Kang and Kodos (Simpsons reference to a picture I posted).

Sexy babes (World of Tanks pics I posted).

Well there it is... a pretty boring Friday post full of stats, but to reward you, if you've bothered to come this far, I have another promo code for World Of Tanks. Same as the last, a free T-127 and 24 hours premium. If you take it, please comment so others won't waste their precious time! Thanks, and Happy Friday!


EDIT: This code has been used!


  1. Happy Blog-o-versary. :)

  2. Happy Bday! I'm so happy I'm a referral! Validates my existence or some such.

    My two top searches are "rift screenshot folder" and "burlap underwear" so I actually think you have pretty reasonable ones.

    Here's hoping you keep us entertained for many years to come.

  3. Yes, Grasshopper, I threw you a big bone with the blog war. Opportunities like that are not to be wasted.

  4. Gank, did you get a chance to do the Alienware WoT giveaway? Week of premium + 750 gold. There are rumors that each code was useable up to 10 times but I haven't confirmed them. I have 2 codes that you could try if you want.

  5. @Rogue- Yes, indeed, I know better now!

    @Storm- I didn't get the Alienware one, no. I'd really appreciate trying one of your codes! You can post a reply here with the code and I'll just not publish it....... I guess the spammers forcing me to do comment moderation may not be completely useless after all :)

  6. @Sara- Thanks, I certainly hope to!

  7. The World of Tanks Code has been used. Enjoy!