Monday, November 21, 2011

World Of Tanks 7.0 Review...A Pictorial

They say first impressions are the most important and the longest lasting. If that's the case I see good things ahead for World Of Tanks. If I had to sum it up, in one word, it would be:

The game looks better than ever and I thought it looked good before. The graphics are improved, the new maps are good fun, and the added features on the UI map (now adjustable) indicating who is asking for help, and who is attacking who, is welcome indeed. The vanity camo, bought for gold or credits, is great and makes each tank look cool. I think this patch is taking the game to a whole new level, especially with the new fire and smoke effects (from your cannon) which haven't impacted game performance a single bit.

Bring on the flames!
More fire!
I've been playing around with some of the tanks with 'improved hitboxes' and I'm a bit stumped. I wish they'd explain all this a bit better. I re-bought my old nemisis the Tiger I and took it out for a few battles to see, but to be honest I have no idea it's any better. The smaller population means matchmaker has an even harder time of it, and so far my results have been mixed (in other words I've been pounded to shit by a bunch of tier 9 and 10's). I'm not sure if I'm any tougher, but I do enjoy the Tiger a bit better than I did previously.

New starting screen allows you to see who's who before battle without using Alt.
I won't go tank by tank in this very brief review (it's barely a review, I agree), but I will say the game is going in the right direction. Except for the horns, and the hideous wailing siren every-time someone caps (because, evidently, we're too stupid to see that massive red bar on the screen when someone caps our base) it's all looking good so far.

The Object good as I was hoping it would be.
M26 Pershing (T8 American Medium).

Camo fun on my Panther II

More Camo....

.....And yet again.....

Smoke from an enemy who's just fired his cannon.

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