Thursday, November 17, 2011

So Much Fun I Had To Quit

Has this ever happened to you? I had such a good battle the other night in World Of Tanks I decided to stop playing. Immediately. I knew nothing could beat it so I thought, the hell with this, I'm out!

I had only played two battles on the evening (in other tanks) when I jumped into my new Russian Heavy, the Tier VIII IS-3. I used a load of free XP to get the top guns, tracks, and engine and have been enjoying the tank so much that I use it sparingly for fear the good-times can't last. The new match maker ensures your first 10 battles are a bit 'easier' for you, but I am passed that mark, and still absolutely loving this tank. It's a hell of a lot of fun, but it's like a new date. You know, when you reach that point where you keep thinking:

"Christ, something must be wrong with her...when is this going to go to shit?"

In any case I continue to play it hesitantly fearful of losing that 'new tank glow'. The match in question was going downhill, and fast. It was a typical PUG affair with all my team running off toward one flank, and then promptely dying. I was about to just push on alone on the empty flank when I thought, ahh, the hell with it, I'll go back and defend (the hidden ISU-152 helping make up my mind). By the time I reached base most of my team was dead (6 of us left) and I had no kills. By the time it was over? Booya! 5 kills and victory for us with me as the last one standing. Very dramatic.

Let the destruction begin.

I exited immediately so the glow would last, untainted by another, lesser win, or (more likely) a loss. The very next night the same thing happened again (but I ended up with 4 kills instead of 5) and thought, that's a heck of a coincidence...then promptly quit again, just in case. At this rate it's going to take me ages to get a good number of battles.

If you're looking at the IS3 as a potential tank to play, I highly recommend it, but would say the BL-9 (max gun) is absolutely mandatory, and the forums agree. After playing the ISU-152 with the BL-10 I find this gun fairly accurate (especially since I can get in close and blast away) and the damage it does is tear-inducing in the opposition (I'm sure).

So far, so good.
 After all my setbacks with the Tiger, and the Tiger II I was ready to give up on all heavies, but not anymore. The IS3 plays a lot like a big, slow medium tank and that's fine with me. Maybe I was born to play this way, or as Caspa and Rusko say, Born To Do It.


  1. Confirm that the is3 terrifies me in my vk3601.

  2. I'm having a rough time in the IS; I'm around 55% wins with most tanks but about 40% on the IS. Got the XP to upgrade to the IS3 but just need the small matter of another million credits or so, slow going now I've let Premium status lapse. Thought I was doing well with 5 kills in the ISU152, major credits, yeah baby! 'Til it turned out that the cost of the 11 shots I'd fired (plus some minor repairs) was more than the winnings...

  3. This has in fact happened to me. It happened in UT, long ago. (Inspired by you, I posted about it.) Then it should've happened in Karazhan, but like many I help on for the best for a long while thereafter. <3

  4. @Zoso... Ya, the % win thing is a difficult one. I like to see it at or above for most tanks but sometimes it's hard. Random battles are....random. I think I was just under 50% with the IS as well. It's frustrating when you know you're playing well but the losses mount up. My T-20 is like that atm: I have a 35% win, but at least a kill per game, a 70% hit ratio, and average nearly 600xp per game so I'm doing okay in it, but my teams are sucking! I still don't know how you do it without premium- takes so long as it is to save money for new tanks.

    @Thades- I read that post! You're more hardcore than me (quitting the game) as I just stopped for the night :)