Monday, November 7, 2011

Snow. Rant the First

Despite 30+ years in this frozen, often god-forsaken, province I am still hating the snow. Maybe it's because of the 30+ years now that I think of it. Regardless, the snow has finally come. My grievances against winter are long and many and don't worry, if you missed last years rants again the endless snow and cold, rest assured there will be more. Many more.

The snow has come and as a special "Fuck you" it's come dramatically and with little warning. Okay, maybe not little warning as it is November. That's actually warning enough as Halloween is traditionally the day when we can expect a snow fall that will last often until May. It was expected (in fact I knew it just by the temperature and color of the sky.....that and the news predicted it) but I have to air my first grievance. A small snow to remind us what was to come? That would have been nice. What did we get? A massive dump accompanied by high winds and cold temperatures.

Need proof? I thought you'd never ask!

Saturday fun in the yard. La, la, la, la...what could go wrong?

He'll stare at this for hours....about as exciting as a real game of football imo.
Sunday...not as much fun in the yard, though The Sultan of Smart was undeterred.

The morning's snow fall on my front step....the glove is for scale...and warmth while I shoveled.
It doesn't take long for the thrill of snow to wear off. Fuck soccer, let's go inside.

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