Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rememberance Day

Tomorrow is Remberance Day here in Canada. It's also known as Veteran's Day in the US, or if you're Irish then it's known as 'You're a bloody traitor for wearing a poppy day.' This from a nation who openly supported Hitler, despite their 'neutrality' and sent condolences upon his death to the German embassy. Get a grip ya feckin' idiots. It was one of the things that truly shocked me while I was living in Ireland- not simply the lack of poppies, but the lack of any kind of remembrance for any of the dead from any of the World Wars. Shame on you.

FIFA have made news by forbidding the English team from displaying their poppies on their uniforms as it violates the rule regarding 'Political Symbols'. Really? Last I checked a poppy was worn to remember the sacrifices of individuals who fought and died in the wars. Is that political? They have bowed to pressure, however, and the lads will be sporting the poppy on their uniform after all.

In a move that I certainly didn't expect, and one that surprised me a great deal, Wargaming.Net , the makers of World Of Tanks, have announced they will be donating a portion of gold-package purchases to the Payalyzed Veterans of America charity. I think it is a brilliant gesture and I was blown away by just how much they are donating. $15 from every $50 or ($5 from every $15) gold package bought will be donated. I have to admit I was selfishly expecting (hoping) for an extra experience weekend special, but this? It's quite humbling to be honest. It's nice to see a company actually caring about the community they serve. I urge everyone who is interested in buying some gold to do it on November 11. I know I certainly will be.

They also have a touching tribute up to Paul Moade up on You Tube who was a US war Veteran and WoT community moderator.

Kudos to you for reaching out to your community.

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