Wednesday, November 16, 2011

An Affair With Arty

While I wait (ever more impatiently) for the public test server for World of Tanks patch 7.0, I have renewed my love affair with all things arty. I had unlocked the SU-14 (tier 6 Russian) some time ago but gave up as I began to focus on other tanks. I was also discouraged by the flocks of tier 5 light tanks (T-50-2's in particular) that were swarming about laughing (undoubtedly) as they killed me on the 6.7 test server. The SU-14 is also a bus....almost literally (that is its nickname). It is slow as hell and not very attractive to look at, and while that shouldn't matter, it does. If I have to play a couple hundred battles in something I want to be able to at least bear looking at it.

I started up the German arty line to finally compare it to the Russian arty I'm familiar with, and dusted off my SU-8 (Russian Tier V arty) at the same time. I liked the SU-8 and enjoyed a good win percentage and kill ratio with it. It also made loads of credits (20-30k per victorious battle) which was important before I bought my premium credit-maker (T-59 which averages around 20-50k consistently). It took some time to adjust to the German line because although it is more accurate and does more damage it has a slower reload and a significantly different firing arc. This not only meant the enemy was harder to hit whilst hiding behind buildings and rocks (pesky enemy) but that many of my favorite hiding spots (behind buildings and rocks as it turns out) were unusable as my German guns couldn't clear them.

Arty is just plain fun for a number of reasons. First of all, other players hate it, and you for playing it, which makes it almost worthwhile in itself (I'm just a griefer at heart I guess). Among my favorite jibes are: OP (of course), NO SKILL, and PUSSY ARTY PLAY A REAL TANK.

It's actually quite relaxing as you don't have to rush about and if your team sucks (and loses) there's not much you can do about it (so long as you're hitting targets) as you can't stop a rush, guard a flank, or converge on the enemy very easily. I manage a few kills per game (most times) and I can say that dropping a massive shell on top of a tank and watching him blow up never gets old. Ever. The curses that follow are just icing on the cake.....and the delicious sprinkles are the screenshots I send to customer care when I report them for verbally abusing me...enjoy your ban ;)

I decided then I would embrace the SU-14 bus' and jump into tier 6 arty with a splash. The result:

Needless to say, a custom skin (not by me).

Death by bus. Get in! So far it's been funny to look at, but play-wise a really tough transition. It  can't move very fast, takes a long time to reload, and is really inaccurate. I've often been killed before I can get the heck out of the spawn, and god help me if a T-50-2 makes a quick dash over. The bonus is the 1.8k in damage you get from a direct hit, and when you miss the splash often hits multiple tanks at the same time for multiple laughs on my part. I'm going to keep at it because it is a lot of fun on arty-friendly (large, non-city) maps and the new skin makes me giggle.

The main problems I foresee is that the gun I am currently using carries over to the next arty in line (Tier VII) which means I would have to 'grind' well over 300k in XP before getting an upgrade to my cannon. That's a lot of battles with the same hardware but I do note the top tier Russian arty has a higher rate of fire than its counterparts so it may be worth it but we'll see.


  1. Sometimes I miss that game. I had a lot of fun with my lil T1 artillery gun with all its stuff maxed out during beta. Guessing on common hiding places and using firing trails to shoot people I couldn't see was always a good time.

  2. Some of my favourite moments in World of Tanks were the epic end game battles that sometimes happened when only the Arty and maybe a few TDs were left on the field. It could go on for quite a while as these behemoths played cat and mouse.

  3. @Thade- ya, blind shots are pure fun! They don't happen a lot but when they do I always smile...unless it's me getting hit :)

    @Mindbending- That's the joy of WoT...every once in a while you have some epic fun, but then again, that's what every game should provide else we wouldn't bother, now would we?!