Monday, October 31, 2011

Tank Free Sunday

For the simple reason that I like the game, and the more (psychologically) complicated reason that I am pretty obsessive I rarely go a day without playing my Game du Jour. Posting about not playing a game may seem pretty cheeky, but I did indeed take a tank-free day on Sunday. My nerd-rage has passed (along with my terrible losing streak) so there is no rage-quit imminent. I just fancied a break.

I have now unlocked the top tier Russian TD, the dreaded, feared, Object 704. It is fully upgraded (technologically) and I have the killer BL-10 cannon sitting on my SU-152 awaiting re-fitting to the new tank. I am, however, going to hold off. I mentioned a while ago that the latest patch (6.7) nerfed the traverse of the Russian TD's and the fun I've had with them has decreased in kind. I have a lot of kills, but my win-percentage is pretty low. Because you are so easily flanked and killed it's hard to play an offensive role which means you hang back a lot and wait, and if you're hanging back and do get to face the enemy it's usually because they've broken through and thus, your death is close to follow.

I will likely get it, but at 3.3 million credits it's a big commitment. I'm waiting for the 7.0 public test server to open to try-before-I-buy. That server should be opening any time now and provide up to three weeks of commitment free fun!

I have also unlocked the heavy Russian IS-3 (tier 8) and am closing in on the Panther II (German tier 8 medium), and the Pershing (American tier 8 medium), not to mention I have unlocked tier 6 of the Russian artillery line. There is no shortage of directions I can go in, then, and want to use the test to see what I like the best. I have accumulated 170k in free experience which I can use on said test server to unlock and try various tanks. As credits and experience are also awarded at 10X on this server I can (again) try out a variety of tanks to see what I like.

I was originally going to use the majority of myt free experience to get into the Russian medium line at tier 8 (with the T-44) but after playing it on the last test server I'm not so sure. Now that I have the T-59 I feel I can wait for a while and am loathe to spend that much free xp merely unlocking a tank that I'll have to play stock (without upgrades). The T-59, as way of explanation, genreally plays a lot like the T-44 and T-54 Russian mediums (brawling, in your face, knife fighters).

The German medium line, on the other hand, is almost fully upgraded already as I have all the guns and engines unlocked from my (painful) time with the Tiger line. As soon as I unlock one of them I can almost fully upgrade it. I have (almost) officially given up on the German Heavies. I seems to suit the Russian line better after reviewing my stats. Maybe they are 'OP' as everyone likes to claim, but the fact is they are played like an over-sized medium tank and I like medium tanks whereas in the German Heavies I can't seem to stay alive or kill my enemies (even with the oft-touted, fully upgraded Tiger II).... two things I am told are sort of relevant for a heavy tank.

Whew! That was a long-winded post about a game I didn't play, wasn't it? I think I'll be laying low in WoT for the next week or so until the test server comes out. I have spent the last few Saturdays perusing new-ish games to try and mean to review them here. I am returning to my roots (and to the sandbox in a way) with Cities XL 2012, and despite hearing it's absolutely dreadful, Stronghold 3, and shall be posting this week on one, or both.

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