Monday, October 24, 2011

On Chinese Tanks and Cognitive Behavior Therapy

If you've looked at my Raptr stats lately you'll see World of Tanks dominating my game time of late. Save for a painful 30 minutes where, for some unknown reason (likely related to mental instability) I downloaded and tried Farming Simulator 2011 (don't ask, it's best we just move past this) WoT continues to be the game du jour.

A short while ago I posted about how Tim's blog made me think about my attitude towards my gaming. Specifically, was I having fun, and if not, why did I continue to play, and complain about why I wasn't having fun?

Tim suggested (or I interpreted it as such) that we all should stop complaining and find something fun to do. I took that on board, and have found my time in WoT to be much more enjoyable. In addition I am finding that my performance is improving as well.  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy  (basically) states that there is a relationship between thoughts, feelings, and behavior, and if we make a change in one, the others are sure to follow. If, for instance, when you are stressed you chew your nails, then this method would suggest that if you stop feeling stressed, you will stop chewing. Alternately you can stop chewing and you should feel less stressed.

While this isn't a therapy session (lucky for you as I'd have to charge you a fortune) I have noted that my increasing performance in WoT has come on the heels of my new attitude toward the game. When I play I am having fun and if I get frustrated (ie the fun stops) I cease to play. Simple, but effective. I certainly hope Tim doesn't cop on and decide to send me a bill for his services as virtual-therapist. It is a nice circle....I have more fun, and seem to do better, which makes the game more fun, which...well, you get the idea. I am happy to report that I am rage-free in local chat since Tim's post.

My win-loss ratio has slowly climbed to a more respectable level (though I don't put too much weight in that as random battles are...well....random) and my kill ratio is up on most of my current tanks. I am having fun with a few different tanks and have put another $100 into the game to convert some experience (170k), train some crews, and buy my first big-ticket Premium tank: The Type 59 Chinese medium.

Type 59 Chinese Medium. 7500 gold (That's 30 real dollars)

I bemoaned this tank a while ago during my time on the test server but I have revisited it with spectacular results. Once I understood how the tank is best used (as a full-forward assault tank with consideration to the fact you are a medium, not a heavy) the success and fun followed.

My best game so far (credit-wise)

Don't think 90k credit games are the average (30K-50K seems to be) but the tank, as a premium, does pay off (it has to, of course, or who would buy it). I was going to use all that free experience I unlocked to jump into the T-44 Tier VIII Russian Medium but I'm happy to use this for a while. They have very similar stats and play fairly similarly (though there are some subtle differences due to speed and maneuverability) so for now I'll keep that free experienced stashed for a rainy day.

I am so close to the final Russian Tank Destroyer (Object 704) I may actually have it by the time you read this. The last patch saw a nerf to the traverse of the ISU-152 (and the 704) which has made the tank just a little less fun to play. The BL-10 gun (a Tier 10) is a real monster and I think one of the most fearsome cannons in the game (outside of artillery) and is still a real game-changer. As I am enjoying all my mediums (I have Tier VII's in all the lines: Panther, KV-13, and the T-20) and the new lights (T-50-2) I find it hard to strap myself into the immovable ISU-152 (a real glass cannon) and sit and wait.........but I do play my 'daily doubles' and so the experience (and kills) have continued to mount and the Object 704 is just around the corner! I already have the 3.5 million credits saved up to buy it!

Only a few thousand to go and then they shall fear me

I have, at the moment, 17 tanks in my garage so there is always something to be working on, or playing. I do think the game, as a whole, lacks real depth and play-variety, but I have to tip my hat to They are doing a great job of communicating with their player base and are trying to move forward on updates, and additions in a timely manner. The end of the year should see some new tanks (yawn) and some new game-play modes (yay!).

I am still clan-less and loathe to take the plunge and join a new one. With the new Company Battles around the corner (with different tier-caps imposed) I will have to find a suitable clan and I do have one in mind. The random battles are fun (honest Tim, they are) but I would like to participate in the coordinated efforts of a 15-man team. People, however, tend to weigh heavily on my poor anti-social personality, so finding a new group is always difficult. Lone wolf, or crazy loner? The line is sometimes a subtle one ;)

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  1. I still prefer the tank destroyers, got the BL-10 on the ISU-152 which is rather lovely. Hate artillery-heavy games in it, though; had a complete nightmare on... ah, can never remember the map names, quite an open one though... each side had four big-arse SPGs, but the oppo had a highly organised bunch of T54 and Type 59s that pelted down the middle and took out three of our four artillery before they eventually got chased down. Spent the next five minutes cowering behind a building before being inevitably blown up.

    I'm finding the IS is a pretty decent compromise as a heavy, never gets up to crazy speeds of course, but so long as it's not up a hill it can move quick enough for a reasonable flanking operation, but with enough armour for a slugfest if it gets into one (except for stupid Tier 10s). Got the XP for the IS-3, but I've let Premium lapse again so I'm about a million and a half credits short, and heavy calibre ammo is damn expensive, let alone Tier 7 and 8 repair costs...

  2. I like the IS as well. Since giving up on the Tiger line it is my heavy-remedy for when I get the urge. It does play like a heavy medium so I tend to have some fun with it.

    I tried your method of going premium free and only paying during special-event weekends but I'm weak.... and employed so spending a bit of cash is okay :)