Wednesday, October 26, 2011

If You Post It, They Will Come

Like some kind of badly written sit-com sketch, the very day I post about my new, fluffy, happy, love-everyone, rage-free, gaming experience, I run smack dab into a long, messy, rage-filled losing streak in WoT. Damn you irony, and all your ironic irony!

I'm in the process of 'shrugging it off' so I won't bore you with a rant about how stupid people can be in random battles. Life is like a box of PUGS you never know what kind of idiots you'll find inside. What I should do is move on and play something different. Will I do that? Pfffftttttt. No. Don't be daft. I'm going to keep playing until I have fun damnit! Or maybe not.

The problem (other than I get quite obsessive about these things) is that I just don't fancy playing anything else. The Devil you know, I suppose. I could retreat to the solice of the basement and fire up the PS2 to play a round or two of golf but after about 4 holes I can't help thinking about how much fun it would be to drive a tank on the course, running over my opposition and honestly, what is up with the clothes they wear? Damn- I'd prefer to be in a dust-covered, gore-flecked WWII tankers outfit in public over some of that shit...but I digress......

The furnace also crapped out this morning which makes the basement a tundra-like wasteland where I can only visit in full winter gear else I'll lose a couple toes to frostbite. I don't like the golf game that much.... though I do have an EA Rugby that might be worth a mild case of hypothermia which I could forstall with ample, and often, influxes of 12-year old single-malt Scotch into my system.....tempting.....very tempting.


  1. Why not combine the best of both worlds and retreat to the basement with old WWII inspired games? You get the grime and gore and there aren't PUGs in single player.

  2. Man, just about everyone I know has been complaining about that losing streak! What gives with that?! They said they were "refining" the matchmaker, but they didn't that refinement was to make it an even *more effective torture machine, lol. I had just got an IS-4 when it started, and when I had 20 battles in it... there were only 4 victories to accompany, GRRRR! My T-54 is even worse: 17-2 for a 12% win ratio. Mind you my previous 3 Russian mediums (except T-43, skipped it) have 57-58%. I don't even play that stoopid loser anymore :o

    Well, I have some Wild Turkey Honey that needs to be reduced, let's toast one to better days ahead!


  3. S! Deathmongrel. A toast indeed.... I have the 12-year-old Scotch as I write this :)

    @Sara- good to see you back on the net!