Thursday, October 27, 2011

I Hate You All So Much....

The post title does not refer to you, dear reader. The line is from a Simpson's Episode where Mr. Burns is meeting with his lawyers (after finding out Homer was rendered infertile from radiation... around season 5 or so). He offers them coffee and then says:

"You want it black, don't you, black like your hearts? I hate you all so much it's hard for me to look at you!"

I feel like that most days about the majority of the human race. We have our priorities ass-backwards if you ask me. My pet peeve of the day? This article from the Vancouver Sun:

Two dead in Ottawa shopping mall shooting

Nothing wrong with the article per se, but what caught my attention was this particular part:
People who were inside the mall at the time of the shooting were visibly upset. A woman sat near the crime scene as she called for a ride, tears streaming down her face.

Trever Proulx, the assistant manager at the Mongolian Village Grill, said police ordered the mall and all its outlets to close following the shooting. "They came around and said to shut everything down," he said. Proulx said he closed and locked the restaurant's doors, but customers were allowed to finish their meals."

Isn't it great to know that the customers of that restaurant weren't inconvenienced by the brutal murder of two of their fellow citizens a hundred yards away? I hope they choked on desert and Tever Proulx gets sued. What a planet we live on.