Friday, October 28, 2011

Fortuitous Friday..... Still Hating on The World

My mood hasn't improved much. I tend to avoid the news because it is nothing but an endless, cylcle of bad news with no few happy stories to be found. I admit I haven't been following the whole 'Occupy' protest 'thing' that's been taking place world-wide very closely but I think I get the gist: Capitalism bad, right? Well if you're one of these protestors I don't want you to think I haven't been paying attention so:

I'm sure that you are right, and that Capitalism is an evil that must be stamped out. I've watched you occupying various public spaces and setting up your designer tents that cost more than some people earn in a week so it must be true. I've also heard you speaking as you qued up for your $7 Starbucks coffee after spending the night in said tent. I have two counterpoints to your argument that I'd like to make.

  1. Get
  2. Bent

What a bunch of pretentious do-nothing assholes. Only the very people who benefit the most from the evils of Capitalism could take the time to protest it. Those who are truly marginalized by the system are too busy making a living to give a shit about your cause. Don't get me wrong, I'm tuned in to what you're saying.  You're message isn't flawed, it's you.

You want to make a difference? Really? Then make the hard choices, and put in the work. Go down to a shelter and help the homeless. Man the phone at a Sexual Assault Help Line. Be a Big Brother to a kid who has no father. Help a starving child get a meal. Donate some of your wage to charity. Do something, but please, for the love of God, shut the fuck up. You can sit in your warm clothes, in your expensive tent, sipping your bloody latte quoting Marx and you know what? That guy is still homeless, that girl still got raped, and that kid is still hungry so pack up your tent, recycle your cup, adjust your priorities and get to work.

Thus ends the rant.


  1. The protesters are the same bunch who looted and burned London. So this is what the left has come to; protesting against the middle class which for years they wanted to help in their quest for material items.

    You left out them talking on their iphone while in line at Starbucks standing in their Nikes and designer jeans.

  2. Aye, and the latest news out of Britain is that they found 90% of the tents unoccupied at night (via thermal imaging). Guess it's easier to set up the tent, then head home for the night.....

  3. No, that's an old protest trick: set up many more tents than there are protesters to give the illusion that your numbers are much higher.