Friday, October 14, 2011

Fortuitous Friday: Pressed For Time

Unlike a good press, say for wine, olives, or quality newspapers, the pressing of time is not so good. Unlike time compression which could be used in all sorts of devious ways to shorten work days or prison sentences (one in the same in some cases) being pressed for time usually results in anxiety and stress.

Is there a difference between this and a paycheck?

Or maybe that's just me. I'm feeling a bit pinched for time since coming back from my holiday as I try to catch up with everything. The impending doom of my 32nd Candadian winter looms largely in my mind and means I have to get the car looked at (anti freeze in the radiator, anti-freeze in the windshield wash, special oil that won't freeze easily, etc). Our winter is no fucking joke let me tell you. Minus 30 Celcius (-22 F for my American friends) with accompanying windchill's which can freeze skin in less than 30 seconds is, to say the least, a life-style altering set of circumstances. No more frolicking in the sun, no more short-shorts, and no more early sunrises. Let the fight against rickets begin!

The sun is already starting to set by 6pm and doesn't rise until just after 7am. That in itself is a pain as I struggle to get the dogs out for a walk before rushing off to work. Oh, I'm up in plenty of time, but skulking through my neighborhood in the darkness isn't much fun. By the time winter has us in it's icy grip (December) the sun will be hidden until just after 9am and will be gone by 4:30 pm. Ya, it sucks.

I'm not in Hawai'i anymore...sadly.

If you've been with me since last year when I bemoaned the amount of snow that I had to shovel (4 feet fell last year) you'll be pleased to hear that I'm going to be getting a snow blower. All that shoveling cuts into my dog-walking time and since they are the apple of my eye (and other corny references) I try to make sure they are looked after. After three straight hours of ignoring them whilst playing games, they might beg to differ, but they remain stoically silent.... and asleep. Lazy buggers.

Yes, I know, quite disturbing on many levels.

I've also got a boat load of games that are siphoning away at my disappearing pool of time (wow, that's a long-winded metaphor). Hearts of Iron III has made it's way back into my hardrive and I'm starting to see why I put it on the backburner for a year or more.... it's bloody hard! I tried playing as Britian but just couldn't cope with the size of my empire. In addition I found the fact that I couldn't attack Ireland because I felt like it really irked me (come on, you know they deserve it). Stupid rules and historical accuracy....... I have re-started as Canada and promptly turned myself communist and allied to Russia. We'll see how that goes comrades. I'm looking forward to the U.S's reaction when I let them line the border with missile silos.

Despite saying I would give World of Tanks a bit of a rest, I find myself playing it daily. It is easy to jump in to, instantly gratifying (or annoying depending on teammates), and soft on the brain. Since I am feeling overwhelmed with everything, the last thing I need at the end of the day is something mentally taxing. There, I said it, I'm lazy!

Also waiting to be mastered is Civ V (though I doubt I'll play this much as I'm very disappointed by it), Red Orchestra 2 (also with a steep learning curve that simply exhausts me at the very thought of it, though mowing down the invading Hun with a machine gun has proven to be great craic), Shogun 2, and most recently Tiger Woods Golf for the PS2 (more on this some other time). The impending release of the new Stronghold title also looks interesting and there is, of course, my beloved Wurm.

Thanks to a priest who cast enchanted grass so my animals wouldn't starve over my holiday (yes, even my virtual animals are well tended) I no longer have to log in daily. This is nice because when I do log in, it's because I genuinely want to play. The virtual animals are proving to be cheaper, overall, as the enchanted grass cost $6 in real money (in-game silver paid to said priest) while my real animals cost $450 in kennel fees while we were away. Furry bastards. At least if they were children I could re-coup the loss by sending them to work in a factory.... Wait, what? It's not Victorian England? Okay, fine, but I could at least get them a job in a sweat-shop which would have the added bonus of providing me with discounted Adidas items.*

* Dear Adidas legal team: I know that on the surface, it appears that I may have suggested that you use child labor in the manufacture of your goods. In reality, I have no idea if you do, and quite frankly, do not care. I will continue to buy your fashionable clothing because I was brain-washed by your advertising campaign in the 70's and 80's when I was, myself a child. Run DMC's "My Adidas" is also to blame, but if you try and sue them you'll look like a bunch of racists so it's probably best we forget the whole thing.In short, then, I would like to suggest that this is good advertising for you and you shouldn't sue me for slander. I will accept free stuff as a way of thanks: shirts, shorts, and pants size medium, and my runners are size 8, and I am a Pronation runner. Cheers.


  1. My wife used to be the sales manager for Adidas in Holland. You should see how much free stuff she got me ...

  2. you'll be needing my address to send some it over?


  3. You're supposed to be jealous and get upset. That's how it works.