Monday, October 17, 2011

The Church......of God

Dear King's Corner Church of God,

I just wanted to write to you in order to thank you for making things clear.

There I was, standing outside your beautiful church with my sacrificed chicken, bucket of virgin's blood, and a list of my most recent evil-doings in-hand, thinking- and this is going to make you laugh- that you were the King's Corner Church of Satan. I know. Can you imagine how embarrased I would have been walking in? Lol. I bet I would have been the only one wearing a black hooded goat's cloak!

In any case, thanks again for ensuring your chosen diety was clearly labelled on the building, unless, of course I have it wrong and you're the King's Corner Church of Cod in which case I should have stopped in as it's been ages since I've been to a good chippy.



  1. Mmm Virgins's what's for dinner!

  2. Or at the very least what dinner should be marinated in prior to barbequing.