Monday, September 5, 2011

Why Don't I Care?

GW2 hype has been bombarding the blogo-sphere for ages. A lot of people are excited. I should be one of them.

It doesn't take a genius in truth detection to note the 'should' I added there. I loved Guild Wars PVP. The PVE held me for a while but eventually I was swept up in a storm of player-vs-player action. I still think it has the best PVP I have ever played. Balanced, fair, easy to get in to with ready-roll pvp toons. It was great. So great I had to give it up when it started to take over up to 16 hours of my day....nearly every day.

So why can't I get excited for GW2. From what I hear it's going to be groundbreaking, fun, and player-focused. It seems like they are asking the player to- gosh- have fun, and designing a game that lets them do so. They must be confident, by now, that they are going to sell a building-sized bucket load of games. It likely gives them a smug confidence to try new things.

But here we are, or me rather, not giving a you-know-what (rhymes with 'hit'). A lot of it has to do with the fact that it is, at the moment, design hype and I'm a big believer in caring when it's put in front of me. I don't get excited about holidays until a few days before, for instance, so part of it is just my personality. The other bit is that the fantasy setting doesn't have the same hold over me that it once did. I've been working on a post about this for ages, so I'll save my ranting for another day.

I'm sure when it's out and the blog-s-sphere is alive with the sounds of everyone having fun in GW2 I'll perk up. It's going to be one of those games I have to buy, just to see for the fact that I did like GW, and all the cool kids will be doing it!


  1. I demand that you become excited for it immediately!

  2. Neva!

    And you are, of course, one of those excited, Guild Wars 2 bloggers that is making me feel guilty about not caring!