Wednesday, September 28, 2011

So Long Suckers! AKA: The Vacation Post

Well it's definitely Autumn here but we are being very, very spoiled with 30 C weather as the season changes over. I guess Mother Nature is still feeling bad for all the flooding and crap weather that characterized the beginning of 'Summer'. Our last frost was mid-May so we deserve this little respite- especially considering what's to come.

I almost wish I was sticking around to enjoy it..... almost. I am off today for my first trip to Hawaii, and the first real holiday since my honeymoon over 5 years ago. Oh, I've been traveling alright. Ireland to Scotland, Scotland to Canada, and four moves in the last two years here. But traveling is hardly holidaying, so finally, after years of being uprooted and mired in poverty brought on by chronic unemployment (thank you Global Banking Crisis), we can take a few weeks to ourselves. It's strange, really, to be back on ones feet after such a crushing economic defeat. It seems God (if you believe in him, and I myself am on the fence on that one) has seen fit to instill within me some unique, marketable skills which have landed a generous vacation package.

I really love the tropics. I worked and lived in Belize, Central America for three months a year for three years, and though not 'tropical' per se, the southern US which was hot, humid, and filled with things that could kill you (both the locals and the wildlife). It's strange to be going somewhere tropical that's going to be so familiar. Good old America- you've thought of everything- and thanks for letting your economy slide a bit so my dollar is close to even with yours!

That used to be the great worry of any Canadian traveling abroad: "God, what's the exchange rate? How much are we going to lose?" Britain has been, and still is, the worst. I remember when it took 2.5 Canadian dollars to make a pound. Those were expensive trips. Of course when I returned to Canada two years ago with a UK bank account to cash in that had slid to 1.3 dollars to the pound. Doh!

I also really miss the sea, which is weird for me to say. I grew up land-locked and can't swim all that well. I also have a healthy fear of sharks and other unseen dangers of the deep blue so a bit of splash from shore is good for me. I guess I got used to it while living abroad and now I can't wait to get back in. My only regret is my faithful, furry companion (who has always loved the sea but can't quite figure out why he can't drink it) won't get to come with me. Unless you consider She Who Will Be Named Later my faithful, furry companion, and if so she may have a word or two for you regarding the furry part.

Quit looking at my bum.

Is there anything like the love between a man and his dog? I actually don't think so. If you were to ask me, in the event of a fire, which one would you save, the answer would be easy. My wife, of course, who would soon become my widow as I dashed back in to save my dog.

Right, where was this going? Ah, yes, Hawaii. I'm off so do some extra gaming for me!

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