Monday, September 26, 2011

Reflections on Redefinitions

This post has really been bugging me, and is one of the (many) reasons I haven't posted anything of substance in a while. Stupid Tim and is good post... making me think. How very dare he!

It is a good post and one that I thought about for quite some time. A lot of my blogging and gaming falls into that category of complaining (of which he speaks). I do think it's important to look at what your doing, or writing, and ask if it is, indeed, fun. Tim says if you have to ask, then you're not having fun and that's a fair point.

There is a lot of complaining that goes on in the blogosphere and a lot of it I don't think we can get away from. It's human nature, really. Look at the news...anything happy going on in the world? Who knows, right, because all they report is the negative stuff. It's been that way for as long as I can remember and will continue to be for a long time to come.

I asked myself, after reading that post, are you too negative? In real life, yes, definitely, but what about here on my blog? Inevitably my pessimistic (or negative) side will come out in my writing (or as I like to call it, my realistic side) but is it falling into the whinging category?

The other important question is why do I continue to play games that annoy me? If I'm writing critical posts about World of Tanks, for instance, then it stands to reason that I'm not actually having fun.

I do have fun playing the games that I write about otherwise I wouldn't continue to play them Ultima Online, A Tale in the Desert, an Civ 5 being good examples of games that I just didn't stick with. When I write critically about a game I am playing I do it for three reasons:

  1. To vent my frustration about game-elements that are annoying me.
  2. To provide a review (good and bad) of the game so anyone unfamiliar with it could decide if they may want to play it.
  3. In the hopes that if enough of us say the same thing the game may change in a favorable direction.

The last one is particularly important in online gaming, I think, where patches and downloadable content can alter the game-play. I think, or hope in any case, that I manage to strike a balance among the three. I tend to stay out of the 'meta-blogging-game' and not discuss the hot topics of the day (such as the newish "old school games were better" debate). I find some if them interesting, but, like Tim, after a while I just think 'move on already, who cares...go play something fun'. That's just me, however, and for those who partake and enjoy, knock yourself out. To each their own.

I have been posting a lot about World of Tanks lately and though I stated a few posts ago I was quitting for a while I am, in fact, still playing. I do note a lot of really positive changes going on and many of the things I complained about (or noted if you will) are being changed. Little things like the special events. I commented on Overlords blog after the last event to say thank-you, but also asked if they could consider extending the events through the weekend so those of us with jobs could partake. Lo-and-behold the latest event was all weekend long.

I'm not going to take sole credit for this change, of course, but obviously enough people suggested it that the developers decided to implement it. Score one for the outspoken!

I'm also quite grateful to Tim for kicking me in the virtual backside with regards to my gaming. I am guilty of continuing to play long after I've stopped having fun for a variety of reasons. In WoT it's usually after a losing streak where I keep thinking 'just one win and then I'll quit'. When that win doesn't come I only get more frustrated which results in even less fun and so it goes. Now when I reach that point I hear this voice saying.... 'is this fun..... do you want to stop...' and most times I do stop and move to something else. That both lessens my frustration with any given game, and increases my fun.

So there we have it....a long, philosophical post on the eve of my departure. I'm off on Wednesday to Hawaii (ya, take that suckers!) so tomorrow will likely be a mini-post and then silence for a week or so....and ya, I'll be having loads of fun!


  1. Ack, I know what you mean about getting into a losing loop in WoT, losses just get more and more frustrating and you're determined to turn things around, you start up a battle where you're the highest tier around and think "finally, this is it!", and then go and do something colossally stupid like charge the enemy positions because the rest of your smegwitted team are just sitting there, die horribly... Agh!

    I usually pick up a Tier II tank and go and vent my frustration on poor Tier Is. Probably doesn't do anything for encouraging new players to stick with the game, but heck... If *that* match is full of Tier IIIs and you get one-shot, then it's time to go play something else for a while...

  2. You are right, of course. I have a few lower tier tanks that I always have fun with but seem to forget about them when things are going badly.

    Today will be Zoso day and I will only play my tier II premium PzKpfw 38H735 (f) which is ridiculously overpowered, and my SU-26 (Tier II arty) which is a gigglefest with the amount of kills I'm able to rack up with it!