Thursday, September 8, 2011

Quoting You.

This comes from one of my favorite bloggers- Blaq, at Don't Mention Ze WAR!- whose sense of humour, outlook on gaming, and music tastes, I find so similar to my own, I sometimes think we may be twins....or perhaps the same person....oooh, wouldn't that be scandalous!

"This post isn’t supposed to be that long. But if it turns into a wall of text, well, there’s not much I can do about that."


  1. Hey Gank, you know I like your blog and your writing style, but I have to be honest here. Is that quote the best you could find on my blog? It seems like it's quoting for the sake of quoting, and not because it would be something awesome that I wrote. Looking at other quotes you have, it feels like I'm the retarded kid from the back of the bus. :P

    I'm not complaining about you showing me some love (thanks btw), I'm just judging the manner in which you do so. Maybe I'm just missing something here. :>

  2. I tend to quote anything that makes me smile, and that quote, weather you meant it to or not, made me laugh.

    You are right, there are a lot of 'better quotes' from your blog, but then I'd have to have an entire blog dedicated to quoting you and I just don't have time for that ;)

  3. Aaw, you make my heart melt. Sorry if I didn't think your choice was quite worthy of being quoted. I mean it's your blog so you could go quoting every typo I ever made, I have no idea why I'm being stupid about it. :P

  4. Well when we put ourselves out there, as we do with our blogging, we can sometime wonder how it's being percieved.

    Written communication can be complicated as interpretations, slang, and language barriers can cause problems. So as our world slides in2 txt spk we will have moar pr0bl3ms I think ;)