Friday, September 2, 2011

Fortuitous Friday: Gone Fishing

Or more accurately, I was going fishing....

With all the kids now back in school and their respective adult guardians forced back into the city after a summer of fun and hanging out at the lake it's now my time. I avoid large gatherings of people, or indeed, anywhere I think may have large gatherings of people and that includes lakes in the summer.

With Autumn now firmly in place (I had to wear my fleece and hat for the first time this morning while walking the dogs) I am ready for the lake. I took the day off from my toils at the Bread Mill to take the dogs and She Who Will Be Named Later to one of the nearby lakes which are the only bonus to living on the Prairie. In fairness, its the only anything on the Prairie which is dominated by soul-crushing, heart-breaking flatness as far as the eye can see. Oddly enough when I lived in Ireland I missed the big, open skies, and now I'd kill (literally) for a nice, enclosed village made mostly of stone to wander through. Why are we so fickle as humans?

In any case today was the day. My new-ish puppy has yet to really get a chance to run off lead thanks to the fact that this god-forsaken, repressed, hick-filled, hell-hole has the most uptight, repressive dog laws known to man. I would know as I worked for some time as a Animal Control Officer (true story) or a Dog Catcher, or Dog Warden as its called in various bits of the world. In the end it seems I was too liberal in my attitude toward the city's animal control bylaws and found myself surplus to requirements. Or, as a scene from Good Will Hunting explains:

Hey Will, how'd you lose your job?
The company was restructuring.
Ya, restructuring themselves out of assholes most likely.

Where was I? Oh right, fishing. Today is the day! And by that I mean it is the day it decided to rain for the first time in weeks. I'm still going, of course, because that means there will be even less likelihood of the place being busy which is my silver lining in a grey, rainy cloud. The dogs can run free! My Lurcher is well-used to water as we used to go swimming in the Irish sea and any river we could find...well, he swam and I waded as a lifetime of living land-locked had ill-prepared me for swimming. The Lab will likely be terrified, as she is of everything it seems, but a bit of rough love (I'll throw her in) will see us through these stressful times and when we get back it will be mugs of hot chocolate, laughter, and a roaring fire.....

Well, no. No roaring fire because in a place which sees temperatures plummet to -40 C in the winter, who needs a nice, roaring fire? Are you feeling my bitterness towards this place yet? Good, I'd hate to think it's being wasted. Don't mind me, I'm in a funny mood.... it's not all bad here but it's more fun to complain, isn't it?

Love is funny. I've always said you don't always choose who you fall in love with, and I guess its the same for places. I fell in love with Ireland and really do miss it sometimes. It always seems worse on days that are rainy, grey and a bit cool (for obvious reasons). It's the same for She Who Will Be Named Later who always seems to perk up on the grey days because they remind her of frolicking through sheep-filled pastures back home in Wales. As a matter of fact, the BBC is currently blaring from the kitchen as she packs us a picnic for our rainy day lake trip. See? Not all bad is it!

Happy Friday everyone!

Ballymacoda, Co. Cork

Killeagh Woods, Co. Cork

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