Monday, September 19, 2011

Do You Know What Time It Is? Where Have You Been!

I guess missing a few days isn't a big deal in the blogging world but I feel bad that I missed my Fortuitous Friday post. Was I busy? Nope. Out of town? Nope. Internet down? No again. Lazy? You're getting warmer.

It wasn't so much a case of being lazy, really. I was just plain tired.

So its a fresh week, and I'll warn you now, my last week until I take off for a holiday to Hawaii. I'll be gone for a couple weeks and the blog will be mothballed for that time. I doubt I'm popular enough to host a series of guest bloggers in that time (though if anyone's interested I'd be keen) so you'll have to suffer along without me.

Saturday was a turning point for me in World of Tanks. I've pushed past the frustration with PUG's and moved into boredom (though my drunken antics in the chat channel may have leaned toward the frustrated side of things). Since leaving my clan I've clocked up around 1500 battles in solo mode and now it's just getting boring. Same maps, same strategy (or lack thereof), same crappy matchmaking system.

The new patch promised for November which will introduce the tier-capped company battles is coming just in time. My premium account runs out in a day or so and I'm not going to renew. I will jump on the test server again next month (which is free of course) and likely be back to the game proper when the new patch hits. I enjoyed the test server and had a lot of fun with the EU and RU players. It was a different approach to the game with greater communication in chat, and players who camped a lot less. It was also nice to try out a variety of tanks and max them out quickly 'just to see'.

Overall, the boredom with the sameness, combined with a skewed matchmaking system designed to see you fail at least 50% of the time has finally taken its toll. A 20-in-a-row losing streak with my fully upgraded Tiger II last week really got me thinking about the 'balance' in the game. Even if I was the worst Heavy Tank driver in the world (and I may be) how can I get 20-losing teams in a row? Matchmaker, thy name is bullshit. In an effort to ensure that good players don't dominate the less talented the matchmaker throws you into matches that you don't have a chance in. Great for overall balance, maybe, but very discouraging for those taking the game a bit more seriously.

In the meantime I've turned my attention to Red Orchestra 2 (more on that this week), Civilization 5 (even on sale at  $12.50 this was a waste of my money) and Total War: Shogun 2 along with something strange and unfamiliar which I used to do a lot of....reading actual books. To my great shame I haven't read anything in months so with my computer-free holiday (except of course for the mandatory logging in to Wurm to feed my animals, of which I've convinced She Who Will Be Named Later to go along with while we are in Hawaii) around the corner I thought I'd get my brain ready for all that text once again.


  1. I saw you quit WoT and join up with me in WoB when it launches!

  2. As long as they have submarines, I'm in ;)