Thursday, August 18, 2011

When China Rules the World We Will Be Gameless....

....apparently, according to this about the recent London riots (from the Guardian, but stolen from here):

Because the Chinese, of course, aren't known for their violence or societal dissatisfaction.

Or at least they will cut out all the violent ones, I guess. Doubt that they will rule the world? Last I heard they pretty much owned America with the U.S. being in debt to them by several Trillion dollars. That will be one heck of a re-possession wont it? I wonder what they'll take first? Air Force One? The White House? The New York Yankees? If I was the U.S. I'd try to bluff and unload the Phoenix Coyotes on them. You could throw in Bateman as well as revenge for all those useless 'Made in China' things that break too easily.

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