Wednesday, August 3, 2011

So It Turns Out I’m A Bit Of An Ass

Not a great shock for those who know me I’m sure, but as it turns out I can be a bit of an ass. The whole 'Gankalicious' persona may have been a clue. My only saving grace is that I know it and I (sometimes) control it. Not so the other day in World Of Tanks.

Feeling Sheepish

I’ve been doing a lot of solo-playing in WoT lately and without Clan-mates to assist in winning, and to commiserate in losing, I have been getting quite frustrated. Yes, yes, I know that a smarter man would take a break, or perhaps just shrug it all off, but that man is not me. I finally lost it during a match with my Tiger II (which has itself been frustrating the crap out of me too as I struggle to learn to play it).

The match started quite badly and got considerably worse. It was one of those ones where everyone rushes one way and leaves both the base (and our precious arty) and the other flank completely open. I relocated to cover that open flank and somehow we ended up wiping their invading force and pushing forward with 5 tanks. A cheeky Pershing (T 8 medium) made life a living hell for us and by the time it was all over only he and I remained. There was a lot of chat going on but I hadn’t been reading. I had 3 kills that game (an amazing stat for me in that tank) so I was too busy to pay attention to it. The few glances I took suggested there was some, shall we say, discord amongst the team.

I had just climbed up a hill to finish off an enemy arty and had noticed him at the base of the hill- presumably getting ready to dance circles around me like he had the other heavies previously. I took a second to gather my wits, and retreated up the hill. I did note he was very low on health so I was going to push down, swing out, and blast him. I had plenty of time. There was seven minutes left.

And then it started.

My team-mates. Heckling, questioning, ordering. Telling me what to do.

“OMG, don’t wait.”
“Go get him!”
“He’s almost dead.”
“Only pussies wait.”
Etc, etc.

If you don’t know this yet one of the things I hate most in the world is being told what to do. Loathe it. It was one of the main reasons I started my own business. Couldn’t face being told what to do on a daily basis by my inferiors, er I mean bosses. I should have ignored them all and continued on with my plan. Instead I threw a tantrum worthy of a two-year old denied a lollie.

I stayed put. Didn’t move. Waited for the abuse to die down and then fueled the fire by informing them all that if they had kept their big mouths shut they could’ve had a win instead of a draw.

Not my finest hour. I don’t mind that I irritated the idiots who were flaming me, but there were at least 10 people in that match (okay, possibly 5) who deserved a win- myself included. The match ended with a draw because the Pershing was stuck on some terrain and couldn’t come after me (he was begging for death out of boredom- not being privy to our conversation) and I made my way to the flag too late to cap.

My clan prides itself on fair play and no trash talk so I also tarnished their name with that little escapade. I shall await their judgement.

I sometimes wish I had more patience for other people or at least the ability to turn off the general chat during matches because, lets face it, more patience is not likely to come at this late age I’m taking solace in the fact that at least I care that I was an ass. That’s the significant difference between me and a lot of the asshats out there.... or so I hope.


  1. Ah, I'd say it's justified non-homicide, I doubt even a blessed Saint could play through 1000+ random WoT battles without swearing pretty vigorously. I once snapped in the game; think I was in a starter T-28 or something and having a pretty miserable run of battles, I'd hidden myself around a corner doing the whole "pop out, shoot, retreat" thing and a fat-arsed heavy pulls up behind me, advances as I pop out, then just sits there; I'm reversing into him, trying to get back into cover, can't get around him without seriously exposing myself, he's still sitting there, so I turned the turret around and shot him. Was only a pop-gun so was never going to do serious damage (I'd never do the same thing with a 152mm to a light tank), but he got the message and reversed, I was more than happy to take the XP/credit hit for that...

  2. Thank for the support....or should I say (prepare the groans)tanks!

    With beta totals in I'm just over 3k battles now and am really feeling the frustration with random groups. Clan Wars tends to dominate in my clan leaving few for general platooning. Fine if you are among the chosen 15 participating but a bit of a non-event for the rest of us.

    The game needs some changes methinks to promote team-play outside of the Clan Wars 'end game' which consists of the same thing everytime (Maus, T30's, Arty, etc). I am hoping they stick to their promises.

    That or I need to re-focus my energies on something other than spamming battles or (god forbid) find a new game to amuse me for awhile.

    Oh, and if you haven't hit a light tank with a 152mm loaded with HE I highly recommend it! Good fun :)

  3. Hey, I support you 100% mean, especially in the being told what to do department. That is just lame...

  4. ...agreed, but boy does it happen a lot in games.