Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Poland, You Have Nothing To Fear From Me

I finally got around to trying the campaign mode in Panzer Corps the other night. I read a review that said it was easy to learn but hard to master and so far I can attest to that.

The game is interesting in that you can only be the Germans. There's no beating back the Wehrmacht and saving the Motherland in this one. It's also quite 'old school' in that it is a turn-based computerized board game (essentially).

My first mission? Invade Poland. Result? Defeat. I failed to take the objectives and Poland remains free. The Germans have been beat back and now France and Britian (according the post-script) are on their way to kick our ass. I was fired and sent packing.

Back to the drawing board as they say.

I recognize that this is a very well done game but I wonder if I'll be able to stick with it. Matrix games has done some classics in their day, and I am a huge fan of the Close Combat series. This game has a similar feel and some nice additions like unit promotions, kill counts, and other death-related statistics which make me happy. I liked the real-time (with pause feature) combat in Close Combat and find that I miss it. It's early days, however, so for now I'll just say, 'no comment' on the game and Poland can rest assured their chances remain good until I lean the game a bit better.

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