Monday, August 15, 2011

Obligatory Nothings Happening Post

I've finally succumbed to the 'bleh', or should I say 'meh' virus that seems to be invading the blog-osphere. I'm still playing World Of Tanks like my life depended on it, but not with the enthusiasm I once had. The lack of a clan forces me into random matches which can get a bit boring, etc, etc, etc....or should I say, blah, blah, blah as you've read this all before.

It doesn't help that all the next big things: Guild Wars 2, and Star Wars The New Cash Cow, appeals to me about as much as the old iodine-soaked, splintery wooden spoon in the eye trick. Can you tell I'm in a bad mood?

In any case I have finally ordered the last remaining part for my do-it-yourself computer upgrade (new video card) so the world will soon be my oyster......... I am most looking forward to finally being able to play Shogun: Total War as I am a long-time fan of the series and am in need of some single-player solace at the moment. Red Orchestra 2 has also caught my attention and I'll be buying/playing it from release.

In a brilliant move that reminds me of the (many) reasons I married, She Who Will Be Named Later suggested we turn the spare room in the basement into a games room and, hold on for this one, suggested we get an Xbox 360 to put in it. O.M.G. Nice one brutha!

I managed to get a free tele off the bulletin board at work (I've been tele-free for many years) and the transformation has begun. She's even dug out all my old childhood/teen/twenty-something books (which my mom finally got me to take) and mementos and began putting them on shelves. It's a little weird, I have to say, walking into that room and seeing, my child-hood teddy bear (an elephant named Ellie.....I lacked imagination as a kid it seems), hockey trophies from 1979, my collection of R.A. Salvator TSR novels, and my university books all on one shelf. It's like an episode of "This is your life!" all mushed into one.

I think I would be remiss, at this point, if I didn't fill out and submit the nomination for wife of the year award. I knew she was cool, but this is cool plus's like AAA cool. Most of it might be a ploy so she can play the newest Tomb Raider game (the only series which I've seen her get addicted to) but no matter. I'm getting what every grown man wants, and every teenager takes for granted.... a room in the basement with an Xbox. Get in!

Until we can actually afford an Xbox I have set up the old Playstation 2 (the third one I've owned due to two international moves and the whole non-compatibility issue which makes me bitter and angry) and found some old games to load up. I'll be looking for a golf game which She and I play together although we both loathe golf in real life. I'm guessing I could pick up a copy of any Tiger Woods golf game for pretty cheap due to the whole "We thought you were great but as it turns out you're actually a (flawed) human who's going to burn in hell for your sins so we no longer want you representing our products" scandal.


  1. Ah yup. Nuthin's happenin.

    And I am with you 100% on the Star Wars game.

  2. Whew...was beginning to think I was the only one.

  3. I owe my participation in WoT to you, the kiasa gang, and tobold, in no particular order. So thanks for enjoying and writing about WoT in a way that convinced me to try a game that really wasn't on my radar but should have been. I'm not on religiously, but if you're looking to platoon with people I'm in game on the US servers as the same name and you're more than welcome to join my clan's vent while we platoon or just to listen in to a community of primarily mature older gamers.

    I'm mostly working on my tier 7 heavy (T29) but I can play any tier.

  4. Nice one! I'm glad I could be a part of you finding a game you like. I'll look for you in-game as I'm mostly running T7's at the moment as well.