Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I Finally Get It

It's certainly taken some time but I think I finally get it. I've always hated MMO games with stupid, pointless quests, but I think I've finally come to understand what's going on. You see, Sunday I was quite busy with various domestic tasks when it suddenly dawned on me: wouldn't it be great to have someone around to do all this crap for me? And not just once, but over, and over again? The lawn, for instance, constantly needs mowing. Week in, week out. There it is....growing. Cheeky grass.

And it wouldn't matter how many people came by, I'd always have chores...er I mean, quests for them to do.

You there, fetch me two bags of dog poop from my lawn.

Ahh, hardy adventurer, bring me 10 weeds from my garden.

Bring unto me 10 carrots from my vegetable patch.

Pile 22 charcoal briquettes in the fearsome orange bar-b-que and light them on fire!

Travel forth unto the liquor store, and there in the dark recesses of the shop, past the bored-looking security guard you shall encounter......Ale. Bring unto me 12 of these bottles of Ale- of not less than 6% alcohol (I'm Canadian after all so anything less is just given to children to pour on their cereal).

Your reward? More quests of course. It seems to work in the games, so why not in real life? Not interested? Okay, how about I throw in a purple bathrobe I used to wear....er I used to use fighting Trolls? Ya? Nice one.

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