Thursday, August 11, 2011

Happy Birthday World Of Tanks

My goodness, they grow up so fast! World of Tanks is celebrating it's 1st birthday this weekend and are tantalizing us with the promise of treats. Despite the problems, complaints, and general groaning that goes on I think is doing a good job and there is no doubting they have a hit on their hands. 5 million registered users is a huge income-generating potential especially considering the amount that some are spending.

I've currently pumped $150.00 into the game since release and I've seen forum posts on the subject with $600.00 being the most I've seen someone admit to. Wowsers.

I noted this from Overlord's response to a question regarding numbers:

Q: Can you please tell us the average population on the different servers (peak simultaneous players a day)?
A: Peaks are as follows:
RU - 173k
EU - 41k
US - 17k
This would, if true, explain why the Russian players are being catered to, but I stress IF TRUE. I've seen a few translations of Russian forums lately which would suggest that there are a number of Russian players who feel that German tanks are over-powered and that Russian tanks are being nerfed. It might all come down to perspective, or the fact that those people posting about the nerfing/overpowering issues are of a certain type........ bascially I'm saying they may be whiners who are prone to complaining no matter what.

I think the numbers are very interesting indeed. I would personally like to see the US and EU servers merged for a number of reasons:

  1. I like playing with EU players.
  2. More people are always better in a multi-player game.

In any case, Happy Birthday World of Tanks! My play time has dropped off over the last couple days as I struggle with discouraging results in random battles on my own, but I will definitely take advantage of the weekend celebration and log in for some serious tanking! See you on the battlefield.

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