Friday, August 19, 2011

The Greatest Show I Never Saw #1: Daft Punk

During my life there have been few things that I have truly, truly regretted. I'm not talking about the 'oh god, did I say that at the pub last night' kind of regrets that are quickly forgotten, and aren't very important in the grand scheme of things. Real regrets. Things that, years later, you look back on and think...... if only.

There are moments in our entertainment-related lives that live on in our memories. Movie's that move us, books that we love, games that we've played, concerts we've seen. I had the chance in 2006 to go and see Daft Punk play Marley Garden in Dublin (if you're a fan of Daft Punk, hold on, this is going to hurt) and I decided not to go. I can't even remember what ridiculous reason I had but it was, in fairness, inexcusable.

A group of good friends were planning to go, and they tried to get me to come up for it. We decided that we wouldn't attend and instead travelled to Kilarney for a weekend get-away. My mates even phoned us a few hours prior to say they had tickets waiting for us.....there had been some confusion and they though we were on our way.

When the great time machine is invented, this is one of the significant and truly great wrongs in my life that I shall make right.

If you've ever been on a great night out you'll know that they can be quite good, and from the reports that came back from my friends it was absolutely epic. It was one of the greatest shows they had ever seen and the post-party went on for two days. And I missed it. Not being there has turned me into a bigger Daft Punk fan than ever, and I have sworn that I will see them before I die.

I hope that I would get to see them sooner, rather than later, because who wants a wrinkly old man, off his face, reaching for the lasers at any show? Come to think of it, if it takes that long Daft Punk would be almost as old, so to hell with it, I'm going! They will have the advantage, of course, of hiding their old weathered faces behind those helmet visors but oh well.

After years of wishing I had gone, and futile attempts at finding some footage I finally got lucky and managed to find a 30-minute clip of this show a year or so ago. The very one I missed. God Bless the lad who recorded this for although every time I watch it I am filled with regret, I am grateful to have the footage to view. Thank you my unknown Irish friend.

In a salute to Fridays, Daft Punk, all good times in general I leave you with: Daft Punk, 2006, Marley Park, Dublin, Ireland with a huge apology to She Who Will Be Named Later for not taking that trip. At least you can take comfort from knowing that it absolutely pissed it down for the last hour of the show. But then again, would we have cared?

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