Friday, August 26, 2011

Fortuitous Friday! The Return

Well we're back with another Fortuitious Friday after 5 weeks of The Greatest Show I Never Saw. I had a lot of fun with that series and will likey be posting another music-related one in the near future, or perhaps mixing them in with the regular Friday edition.

I went for a run this morning to clear my head and decided on a few things. You see, much like when I was 'Fighting the Funk', and banned myself from warhammer, I realize that I have been a bit cranky. Well, more cranky than usual as 'crank' is my default, factory setting. Take a social-recluse who hates people and throw him into multi-player games where manners are even worse than in real life and hijinks, will definitely ensue.

Nothing happens in a vacum and over the last few months I've let my exercise regime slide a little..... well, maybe a lot. I'm still carrying my 'Christmas Weight' and since it's now August I think it's time to just accept that I'm getting fat. I'm up 16-pounds over the last year (and I wasn't exactly emaciated to begin with) and I'd lik to drop at least half of that. I no longer have the time to go to the gym daily as I once did so I think that's realistic. I'm not going to stop drinking (my biggest source of calories)- thats just ridiculous- but I do need to maintain my 3-day per week regime which has slid to 2 days. Similar to Chris over at High Latency I think a public declaration will help me keep on track. Grats to you, by the way Chris. That's a monumental achievement though I will argue to my dying day that drunk is a perfectly reasonable way to go through life....and where's my Lagout damnit!

I'm also going to give World of Tanks a bit of a break. Last night I bought my ISU-152 (Tier 8 Russian Tank Destroyer). I had fully upgraded and researched it and so I was armed with the dreaded (for the enemy) BL-10, Tier 10 monster gun right off the start. I had been waiting and saving for weeks..... and it wasn't any fun at all. I lost my first 3 matches due to the usual stupid-play of my teammates (leaving entire flanks open, camping at base while we get killed defending a few feet away, etc, etc). 1 for 4 with only 3 kills isn't the way I wanted to start out. My posts are getting whinier, and my frustration is on the rise. Time for a break.

Back to Wurm? I'm actually still playing Wurm- daily- so I will be posting some more on that in the coming weeks. I have gone premium with my alt and now own two deeds so a lot has been happening.

What's this...a single player-game? They still make those?

Yes, while I'm waiting for Red Orchestra 2 (mid September) I'm going back to basics. I've downloaded and started Panzer Corps from Matrix Games and was immediately hit with a wave of nostalgia. I played the crap out of the Close Comat series so this one should be fun!

I'm also, finally, able to buy and play Total War Shogun 2. I have been waiting so long for this one I'm almost afraid to buy it! After buying and installing my new video card, my computer upgrades are now complete. World of Tanks, on medium settings, has gone from 14 FPS to 60 FPS....Yes, I agree. That's bloody fantastic. What this means is I can now play Shogun 2. Get in!

No soup for you! I mean, music.... not able to post a video at the moment, so just sing a song in your head.... I recommend the 'It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday......' song that went viral on You Tube not so long ago..... If you get it in your head, you'll never be the same again. You've been warned.

Happy Friday Everyone!

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