Monday, August 1, 2011

Born To Do It

Thanks to the decree of the Canadian Government I have today off. Thanks to the generous compensation package offered by the Overseers at the Assembly Line I also took Friday off and snuck off with She Who Will Be Named Later for a weekend break at our old stomping grounds. I also popped in to see my Mum who, after 23 years has now finally managed to unload all of the stuff I had stored in her basement. She yelled and did a happy dance in her now empty basement.

I got it all- everything from my first teddy bear (named, of course, Teddy) to my childhood books (OMG, it's Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail, and, quite frankly, I agree: I too, will not eat Green Eggs and Ham). Mmmmm....ham.

It was quite the haul and it was fun looking through the boxes at my old toys. I was quite amused to come across these- saved from what had been a sizable war-toys collection (Mom wasn't that great at saving stuff and bits and pieces were mysteriously 'lost' over the years) which may explain why I chose the particular line of tanks in WoT that I did.

The Tiger


Dramatic angle! Rarrrwww.

You know those Tigers that are, like, double Tigers?

The missiles which did shoot, and were carried in the box, are sadly lost

So its seems I was born to play Russian TD's, German Heavies, and Artillery in World of Tanks! I missed the music post on Friday, so I'll feebly attempt to make up for it with a single video (Dub Step again): Born to do it, by Caspa.

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