Monday, July 18, 2011

SU Feva!

Hot on the heals of my success (as defined by kills and bucket-fulls of fun) with the SU-152 comes another gem which is giving me infinite pleasure: the SU- 26 Self-Propelled-Gun (artillery). I originally started WoT as an artillery player (because, as an aside, I almost became an artillery officer once up on a time, but I digress) but couldn’t seem to find my groove with it in beta. I was frustrated by the quick deaths I would find at the hands of those menacing light tanks, and the lack of support by PUG groups in terms of my defense.

I had always wanted to get back into artillery and was playing the Tier II SU-5off and on since release in an attempt to max out my crew's skills. When I finally decided to move into the next tier artillery piece I couldn’t have imagined how much fun I was about to have!

A few people had mentioned in the forums that this little artillery piece was a lot of fun because its rotating turret meant quicker aiming at moving targets. They were right! I am doing extremely well with this tank and as it stands it is the only non-elite one in my garage to boast a higher kills-to-games-played ratio. It is death incarnate....from above.

This won't even be the last thing you see before dying because I'll be miles away.
The matchmaker is a funny thing. Because artillery pieces count as two tiers higher (as a 5) and the matchmaker can put you in with tanks two tiers higher (or more) I often find myself in with Tiger’s and Lowes (Tier 7-8). I still manage to get a good amount of credits and a few kills in these situations. The fast-firing rate of the 122mm Howitzer top gun (enhanced with an artillery rammer module for even greater speed) ensures I get a lot of shots in and even near misses still cause a bit of damage (due to the high explosive splash range). It has an extremely high angle of fire which lets it get shots on tanks in some very unexpected places (behind buildings and hills for instance) and that turret (unique as far as I know to SPG’s) is a god-send for fast reticule alignment (aiming).

My only complaint is one familiar to SPG drivers and that is that the experience awarded seems a bit low for the type of damage I am dealing out (not to mention the kills) and the amount of experience needed to progress to the higher tiers is insane. I have already attained elite status on this one but I’m going to stick with it just for the fun factor (and the kill totals look nice). I heard the next SPG in the line isn’t as good anyway and the tier 6 one after that needs something ridiculous like 180k experience to get in to. It takes a dedicated player to reach those top artillery pieces.

What about this doesn't scream 'FUN'? 107 kills in 76 games? That's ridiculous.

All in all I recommend giving it a go! It’s easy to reach in terms of experience, cheap to buy in terms of credits (and never loses ‘money’), and is guaranteed to provide you with hours of chuckles as tanks explode across the map. It’s especially satisfying to get “Top Gun” in an artillery piece. In that match I had five kills which included two point blank shots at light tanks who had engaged me at close range with malice in their hearts. Yes, I did indeed LOL. Quite a lot.

Now for a kick ass Fever remix by someone who will (soon) be featured on my new music series: Adam Freeland. The man's a genius. Period.

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